From Solo to Connected!

Virtual Coffee

Let's Talk about your business and objectives...

I love to connect with my network on a regular basis...

Perhaps we each have something for the other...

Would you like to set up a 20 minute Virtual Coffee with me!

I want to learn about what you are at work on and who you might be looking for...

I develop workshops and online courses that provide transformations on demand.

I'll ask you your thoughts on my current objectives and I am happy to provide the same.

Ill have a gift for you, as a token of goodwill.


Some of my current objectives...


Looking for a Joint Venture Partner

I write books, online courses, and workshops designed to cause transformations on demand.

I want to meet and work with my marketing counter part.  I am passionate about making aliveness available to everyone...  

I'm committed to a chemistry that will bring fun and power to this endeavor.

Looking for a professional friendly space in Austin to lead transformational events

I'm thinking of a weekly or monthly event, 10 to 100 people.  

2 hours of transformational workshoping on things that really matter to people. 

Happiness, Satisfaction, Connection, Creativity, Success, Etc.

Looking for a CEO or business owner who has a sales force that is not winning.

I provide off-site, or fractional sales management.  In other words, I bring VP level sales management, training, coaching, and strategy to a sales organization for a fraction of what a full time sales management or VP of sales would cost AND I am very effective...

Looking for an affiliate marketing expert.

I love writing books and on-line courses.  I want to design content that affiliate marketers would love to sell.

Looking for best practices and creative solutions to working from home alone.

Many people experience loneliness, anxiety, depression and other consequences of working alone...  How do you deal with with phenomenon?

Gifts - Please choose whatever appeals to you!

Contribution Selling

Growing Giants a Transformational approach to Sales Management

Contribution Romance

The Contribution Coach

Contribution Leadership the Course