The 3 Massive Mistakes Solopreneurs Make That Keep Them from Making at least $10k per Month!

The 3 Massive Mistakes Solopreneurs Make...


The 3 Massive Mistakes Solopreneurs Make That Keep Them from Making at least $10k per Month!

The 3 Massive Mistakes Solopreneurs Make That Keep Them from Making at Least $10k per Month!

Are you a heart centered Solopreneur that is struggling to have the business and the life that you have worked so hard for?

Are you tied of living in a world of greed and consumerism and want to be part of the solution AND have rich and rewarding life and business?

There are three massive mistakes that you are making if you are not making at least $10k per month by giving your gift to the world!

The world needs you right now.  Learn how to get to making the kind of income that will bring joy and peace to you life.

The following are top mistakes solopreneurs make that keep them from making irresistible offers:

1. Receiving/Money Mindset

You probable think it it better to give than receive...

I did too...  Here is the problem!  You have nothing to give if you are not a great receiver!  The More you receive, the more you have to give.  Receiving and giving are actually the same thing.  There is no giving without receiving.  Imagine how great a giver you could be if yo were making the difference you want to make in this world AND you were also making 3 or 4 or 5 times the amount you are making now?  

Do you think  you would be a better giver???  YOU BET!!!

The more you receive the more you have to give!

2. No Niche/Wrong Niche

You either don't not the right niche, the right problem or you have no niche at all!

 It's critical that you are making $10k per month or the amount of money you want giving your gift to the world!

The world needs you, and me and others like us.  It is important that good people who want to do good things in this world can fund them selves and have great abundant fulfilling lives...

People are incredibly busy and distracted...  It takes a lot to get peoples attention, have you noticed?  I sure did as I tried to make the difference I know I can make with people and businesses but nobody paid attention to me because my message did not resonate with them, even if I had a great solution, they just could not hear me...  So frustrating...  

If you try to be everything to everyone, you become nothing to anyone!

Sound familiar?

You Must:

Choose a narrow audience that will recognize themselves...  Like solopreneur...

Choose a problem that is a really big deal...  Painful for that audience...  Like closing more sales and making the money that is wanted and needed...

A solution that solves that painful problem.  They need to know they want that solution...  Like being able to make irresistible offers!

3. No Guide or Mentor

There is one way to learn something new...  By trying and risking failing!

You can learn from your mistakes...  OR some else's!  A lot of solopreneurs are the strong, "I can do this myself" type...  That's not a problem, especially if you are willing to spends a lot of time and money making mistake after mistake until you either give up exhausted and broke, or you succeed but at a high price in terms of time, money, and energy.

It took me over a decade and over $100,000 trying new things and making lots of mistake along the way...

Had I realized this mistake in my 30s or even my 20s, my life would have been very different!  Don't be a HERO!  Get the right guide for your mission!

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We will cover three things:

Your Money/Receiving Mindset

1. Identifying blocks to your success and fulfillment and getting you on the right path!

2. Identify your niche, the problem you are solving and the solution you are offering.

3. Create the right kind of support to have you winning and giving your gifts to the world!

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Dear Friend,

As a professional sales person and trainer for over 30 years, I've sold a variety of products and services in over 15 different markets. I’ve won awards and led sales teams and had impressive closing percentages, but that's not what's important.

Over the years I've noticed something!

The most important thing in mastering sales is to have your attention on being a contribution.

It works because that’s how best to take care of your customers, and it works because that's how best to take care of yourself.

You can be fully effective if you have no reservation about integrity or the morality of what you're doing, or how the sales process is occurring for the other person.

If you are authentically trying to serve another human being, you can operate without reservation, you can stand for what you believe and what you have to contribute.

If you authentically constitute yourself to be of service, customers and prospective customers feel that.

When I'm authentically of service my closing rates are close to 100%.

If however I try to be “authentic” as a tactic for my closing percentages it doesn't work.

It’s not a trick, it’s not a tactic it's not a strategy it's not an ever more subtle form of manipulation.

It’s me authentically reinventing myself to be of service and completely unattached to my own agenda. It's a dichotomy.

If you have your attention on being of service people come to you and want to do business with you and it will feel wonderful!

It is VERY simple and yet sometimes difficult to put into practice in the heat of the moment.

To get you started I am sharing my new book, Contribution SellingTM that I developed over the past 20 years. It's a very simple process, but it does take practice to get yourself out of the way.


Contribution Selling 

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Here is Contribution Selling! 
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